Por Mauro Rebelo



Learn to appreciate art and beauty. Beauty is important for creativity and creativity is important for science.

Come to a discussion prepared: without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.

Learn to synthesize information, be concise and brief. We live in a world saturated with information and, these days, less is more. Discernment is the key skill for the 21st century. We are all susceptible to boredom and our time is our most precious asset.

It’s not enough to be efficient, you have to be effective. We need results. We don’t tolerate incompetence and laziness, but we do allow room for error and the creative process.

Make decisions. Uncertainty is inevitable and you need to learn to decide even in its presence. Understand margins of error and quantify uncertainty. Think about the consequences of your decisions.

Acknowledge your mistakes and celebrate your victories. That’s how you build self-confidence.

Planning is important, but pivoting is even more important. Learn the difference between perseverance and stubbornness. The first is good, the second is not.

Think about your career and what you want to be in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years.

Learn new things: languages, programming, arts. The half-life of knowledge has gone from 30 to 5 years and we all need to learn how to learn. We will all outlive our parents and it’s never too late.

Money is one of humanity’s most incredible inventions. He’s not bad. neither is profit. Greed, on the other hand, we have to control.