Por Mauro Rebelo



We assume what we do and what we say. We speak what we believe and we believe what we speak. Actions are worth more than words.

Everyone deserves respect. When we talk about business and science, we don’t use sarcasm or irony. And no ranking. Science has no hierarchy.

We do not tolerate bullying or abuse. We are all the same, but we may have different ideas. Share your ideas as long as they don’t offend anyone. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny.

Conflict is inevitable. Tackle the problem and take it up with the person.

Apologize if you make a mistake. The brain is a reflex organ and sometimes we speak without thinking.

Respect privacy and be careful with your digital footprint. Your ideas may change, but your social media posts won’t.

Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with that could appear on the front page of the newspaper. It’s a good ethical measure.