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Molecular Biodiversity, Golden Mussel, Sun Coral,, Forjazul, Metal Cacther and Digital Forest.

Our History


Founded in 2009 with a PRIME call from FINEP to turn a doctoral thesis into a product.

Together with UFRJ, he genetically engineered, prototyped and patented a bacterium that removes 90% of the metals in a solution.

Identifies 10 times more marine species in the Campos Basin in CENPES/BR samples in 1/20th of the time using environmental DNA.

First R&D contract for bioprospecting with the Votorantim Reserve and sets up the 'Digital Forest', the largest gene bank in a tropical forest.

Proposes the gene-drive technological route for controlling the infestation of the golden mussel in Brazilian rivers and reservoirs and signs a contract with CTG Brasil via ANEEL R&D.

Closes its first ANP R&D contract with Repsol to sequence the genome of sun coral species off the Brazilian coast and propose control solutions for the infestation.

Closes its first ANEEL R&D contract with Tijoá Energia to identify biodiversity on a large scale in the Três Irmãos reservoirs using environmental DNA.

The company overcomes the pandemic crisis by protecting its staff, closes new contracts and reaches the Top #3 among biotechs in the 100 Open Startups ranking

The company brings in a new CEO, internationalizes to the US and Europe, opens its first spin-off and begins a growth phase based on M&As

Area of activity


Conserving nature is more than an ethical obligation – it is a fundamental requirement for the long-term viability of businesses. Biodiversity sustains key sectors of the economy, but it faces growing threats. Discover how Bio Bureau develops innovative solutions to restore ecosystems and protect businesses from the risks of biodiversity loss.
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Problem identification

The first stage of the scientific method is the one that turns us all into scientists. For problems that are resistant to traditional approaches in chemistry, physics and engineering, biotechnology offers efficient and economically viable solutions.

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Together with the client, we create solutions that integrate with their operations. This close collaboration helps build empathy and trust in long-term, high-risk projects, creating a solid foundation for mutual success.

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We collaborate and cooperate with universities, research institutes and other start-up companies, in Brazil and abroad, to maximize the use of infrastructure and installed technical capacity, based on the principles of sharing (and financing) open innovation.

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The knowledge we produce generates measurable results through real options. We eliminate uncertainty, reduce risk and generate revenue opportunities through process improvements and intellectual property licensing.


BioB Foresta Digital

Digital forest


Gene Bank with simplified and complete genomes (GR-RSC) of 100 plant species from the Atlantic Forest, designed for molecular bioprospecting on a scale for the Pharma and Cosmetics sectors, created in partnership with Reservas Votorantim, in the Legado das Águas reserve.


BioB Forjazul



Biotech startup using genetics to increase the productivity of the seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii and turn it into the first large-scale crop in the oceans.



Golden mussel gene-drive


On course to be the first environmental gene-drive to control an invasive species that costs the electricity sector millions of dollars a year and reduces biodiversity in Brazilian rivers and reservoirs.

Definitive solution
The genetically modified (GM) mussels with gene-drive will reproduce with the wild ones, generating infertile offspring, leading the population to collapse.

Sustainable solution
The GM mussels will be cultivated in the reservoir itself and then collected for use as an input in the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovative solution
Based on the technology used to modify the Anopheles mosquito to combat malaria, our gene-drive is the first to be developed in a mollusc and could be the first to be tested in the world.

BioB Metal Catcher

Metal Cacther Bacteria


Patent for a bacterium genetically designed to remove metals from industrial effluents and take part in the biomining process. The prototype was able to remove up to 90% of the metals in a solution.


BioB Biodiversidade

Molecular Baseline of Biodiversity


Identification and monitoring of the Biodiversity of Forests, Rivers, Reservoirs, as well as coastal and offshore areas based on the DNA released by organisms into the environment (environmental DNA). An effective, cost-efficient, non-invasive, automatable, sensitive, specific, replicable and rapid technique for baseline biodiversity and monitoring its development.

Molecular Barcode
We use DNA barcodes, short DNA sequences that act as a unique “barcode” for each species.

Environmental DNA
Environmental DNA, DNA fragments released into the environment, is isolated from samples such as water and soil to identify species using DNA barcoding.

Technologies based on environmental DNA identify the biodiversity of an environment without capturing or euthanizing organisms. It’s fast, economical, robust and automatable.

BioB Coralsol

Molecular Monitoring of the Sun Coral


A molecular monitoring system for invasive species using PCR allows the presence and origin of planulae to be identified on the hull and around O&G industry assets, enabling decision-making based on primary data in near real time, compliance with regulations and conservation of marine biodiversity.

Advances in knowledge
With the sequencing of the genomes of the three species, we have advanced the knowledge of coral biology by months, which would have taken decades to obtain.

On the route of the coral sun
With population genetics and collections around the world, we are determining the route of infestation to prevent new events.

Infestation and risk
With measured coral presence detected by environmental DNA and hydrodynamic modeling, we developed models of the risk of sun coral invasion and infestation.

BioB Toda Bio


Biodiversity monitoring company using environmental DNA in forests and the development of biodiversity credits.


About Bio Bureau

Founded in 2009 with the support of FINEP, Bio Bureau Biotecnologia specializes in biotechnological solutions to minimize impacts on diversity, reducing companies’ operational risk, especially in relation to invasive species. We are located in the UFRJ Technology Park and serve sectors such as energy and oil and gas. Since 2021, we have been in the TOP#10 biotech companies in Brazil, according to the 100 Open Startups ranking.

BioB Amz N

Bio Bureau Team

The team is made up of partners, masters and doctors, with a rare combination of scientific rigor and entrepreneurial vision.
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