Por Mauro Rebelo

Bio Bureau with a new look


As a science company run by scientists, over the years Bio Bureau has experimented and, over time, found its style and identity.

This motivated us to rethink our image and our brand. Our origins in Rio will always be important to us. And we continue to believe that biotechnology is the future of the state of Rio de Janeiro. But our history shows that we use universal methods, have international partners and solve global problems. Our brand should represent this integrative aspect more than the geographical one.

We also rethought our website. Our communication focused on biotechnology: what it was and what it could offer. This was important at the beginning of Bio Bureau, but now that the market understands the potential of biotechnology, it was time for our website, our business card, to say more about us.

We invited designer Graziela Peres to think with us about how our brand could reflect our evolution and she accepted the challenge.

On our home page, more than the new logo, we show how our process of creating and executing projects integrates our team, clients and partners. This process is replicated in the construction of the brand’s visual identity. The new look of the site, designed by Lemper design.

The focus of the site will now be on providing high-quality content associated with our activities and projects. The blog format for disseminating content makes reading agile and allows ideas to be connected, using the maximum communication potential of the web. The ‘Pinterest’ model of presenting posts makes the whole site dynamic, with content being displayed as it is produced by our team. We are gradually increasing our presence on social networks, which we believe play an important role in informing society about the technologies we develop.

Finally, we created the Bio Bureau newsletter, which became the company’s main information vehicle.

Our new face represents who we are.