Por Mauro Rebelo

Bio Bureau publishes Manifesto and Culture


“Culture ‘eats’ strategy”. The free translation of Peter Drucker’s famous quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is the reason why we strive to formalize and publish the pillars that underpin our relationships, both inside and outside the company.

When Bio Bureau started in 2009, we knew we wanted a more effective and efficient way of doing research, but we didn’t know exactly what. But as we had a lot of experience in running scientific projects, we knew that some things simply can’t be sped up. Creativity has its time, biological models have their time, experimentation has its time. How do you resolve these dilemmas and accommodate the personal styles and interests of your partners?

Following the scientific method itself, we observed our behavior in different situations, analyzing cases of failure and success, following how partners solved similar situations, what regulators, clients and, ultimately, society, expected of us.

Last year we felt that we were mature enough to document our findings and publish them in a way that would be communicated to our employees, partners, clients and society. what our values and rules of conduct are. But these documents go further and talk about our aspirations and desires. About the Bio Bureau we are and the Bio Bureau we want to be.

We hope that by reading these documents people will want to come and work with us, as employees, partners or customers.