Por Mauro Rebelo

Bio Bureau welcomes new members


When Bio Bureau started, it was a company of a few. But we didn’t know exactly what she was or what she could become. But little by little it grew and each person who joined Bio Bureau, in one way or another, helped shape what the company has become: a benchmark in the creation and execution of highly complex biotechnology projects for sustainable development.

Bio Bureau’s membership has also evolved over the course of this journey, reflecting this growth.

The pandemic came and when the economic crisis forced us to prioritize, we didn’t hesitate: unlike many companies that prioritized cash, we prioritized the team. In our minds, it would be easier to rebuild the cash flow in the future with the highly selected team we had, rather than the other way around.

This conviction in the character and quality of our team needed to be formalized and in January 2021 Bio Bureau gained 9 new partners. Welcome André, Fábio, Henrique, João, Milica, Nemanja and Yasmin!