Por Mauro Rebelo

Bio Bureau and Research Community

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The Bio Bureau has entered into a partnership with the Da Pesquisa community, a non-profit association with the aim of supporting scientific research.

Da Pesquisa was created 7 years ago by a group of lawyers and designers with a scientific background to help researchers solve non-scientific problems related to the execution of projects. This would free them up to concentrate on what they are best at: science.

Da Pesquisa is characterized as a Science and Technology Institution (ICT) and this partnership will allow Bio Bureau to offer its clients all the tax benefits of the Lei do Bem (Good Law).

It is an opportunity for companies operating on a real profit basis and with a positive result, to develop innovation projects in which the cost becomes an investment, and this investment becomes a financial result through tax benefits.

Contact us to find out how we can help your company carry out innovation projects in sustainable development under these conditions.