Por Mauro Rebelo

Passionate about executing ideas


We carry out technological modeling, proof of concept, prototyping, minimum useful demonstration (MUD) and minimum viable product (MVP) projects, using agile methodology (Scremin), applying DNA-related technologies: identification and comparison of genes (functional and structural bioinformatics), DNA extraction from molecular altons, genome assembly, species identification, genome editing (genetic engineering with and without crispr-cas9), simulation of biological systems (System Biology), cloning and recombinant protein expression.

For skills outside our core, we find partners in universities and research institutes in Brazil and around the world, following the innovation law and the 2016 S&T framework.

We work with grant resources from the electricity, oil and gas sectors, the “Lei do Bem”, the IT law and state and federal development agencies to multiply investments from corporate clients, especially the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (Embrapii) and the Senai public notice.