Por Mauro Rebelo

Governance Systems

Ideally, our activities are subject to 3 governance systems (the list of institutions is not exhaustive). Not all of these systems are in place today, but we affirm our commitment to working towards the implementation of all of them

  1. Self-governance: advisory board and international scientific committee
  2. Light governance: IBAMA (golden mussel and sun coral control group), CEMA/UFRJ (animal research ethics committee) and CIBio (internal biosafety committee).
  3. Federal governance: CTNBio (national biosafety commission – validates the safety of the genetically modified organism), MAPA (ministry of agriculture and livestock) and MMA (ministry of the environment – through IBAMA, the Brazilian environmental institute, monitors research, verifies the efficacy and releases the marketing of new pesticides) Biosafety law, agrotoxics law, biodiversity law, S&T framework
  4. International Governance: We want to be a signatory to the
    Global Compact
    ; we want to be
    ; we want to have
    ISO 9001, 14001, 45001
    . We follow the
    guidelines from the environmental gene-drive expert group
    and the
    world health organization guidelines
    for testing genetically modified organisms (mosquitoes).