Por Mauro Rebelo

Expected benefits


We can immediately highlight the expected benefits in three areas: for scientific research, for the contracting company and for society as a whole, as summarized below.

  • For scientific research: The addition of scope to complete TRL 5 will make it possible to move forward with the safety required by the scientific community and international regulatory bodies (WHO) for testing in a controlled environment, which will allow the first measures of effectiveness, speeding up the development of the solution and bringing tangible results to the scientific community and the market.
  • For the contracting company: It will have its brand associated with an innovative project, with a solid scientific basis, developed at the cutting edge of knowledge and led by Brazilians. A phased project that is already in its third phase, consorted and monitored with interest by ANEEL and IBAMA. A project with a strong presence in the media, having been featured in the Jornal Nacional, Valor Econômico, Folha de São Paulo and others. Joining the consortium also allows the option of participating in the golden mussel control startup that is being planned to apply the R&D results.
  • For society: The tests that will be carried out increase the safety of the solution that will be implemented, bringing more confidence to society, allowing the solution to be applied throughout the country and bringing an effective solution for controlling the golden mussel pest to the market more quickly.